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Huge size range of 80 cm. in depth and up to 2 meters lenght ! Solid L-sealer build by a well-known manufacturer.

The machine has a automatic outfeed conveyor and a heavy mechanical drive for the sealling frame. ( Absolutely required for such dimensions .....)

Hugo BECK WS80-200

Nice set build by Hugo Beck ,
Medium size L-sealer  80/100 cm. with a motor driven sealing frame .
Produkt transport is done by a outfeed conveyor.

Machine is complete with a associated shrink tunnel.

Just in our workshop data will follow asap.

AVC combi L-sealer and shrink tunnel

Under construction

Under construction

Under construction

Under construction

Manual- and semi-Automatic....

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L-sealer manufactured by Kallfass , with transport conveyor and a motor driven sealing frame , so semi automatic

KALLFASS 5050 L-sealer/semi-automatic

Hugo BECK WS80-100

Hugo BECK WS80-200

All the machines have seen the workshop for a short or longer period ....

Just out our workshopIn our workshop .....Hugo BECK WS80-100KALLFASS 5050 L-sealer semi-autmaticAVC combi L-sealer shrink tunnel