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Teflon (PTFE) tape for packaging machinery is tan or brown in color. It is made by coating a fiberglass cloth with Teflon (PTFE).
One side can also be coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive, which permits these tapes to be used at temperatures of 250 C

Availeble in every width in thickness   8 - 12 -15 - 25 mU.

PTFE tapes  

Shrink tunnel rod covering material : we can supply ( depending on manufacturer ) full silicone tube or reinforced fiberglass with a coated/impregnated NON-STICK material .

Ultimate goal is not let the heated foil sticking on the steel or aluminium rods.

Chains with extended pins are necessary for the most shrink tunnels.

We let us treat all our shrink tunnels chains at the factory with a special heat ressistance lubrication .  

The most common sizes are 1/2 , 3/8 en 3/4 inch which are on stock.

Drive chain with extended pins

Kevlar mess structure belt \ shrink tunnel

PTFE coated open mess structure belts which are in use in shrink tunnels. Normally used in shrinktunnels when the products are small and light, then this belt will avoid that the product will fall between the rods !

This are belts with a Kevlar fiber which is impregnated wit a NON-STICK material.

Glass-Fibre shrink tunnel curtain

05 “Consumables ....”

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Seal wires with a PTFE coating are available in thickness/diameters 0,5  0,7 and 1,0 mm.
Bands with a HIGH or LOW resistance.
Also we can supply the Sickenbands , with T-profile and end connectors.

We can supply it in any length you require.

Seal wire ,seal band coated with PTFE

Shrink tunnel rods and covering material

Shrinktunnel rods/material Sealwires and sealbands Special Shrinktunnel chain with extended pins

Illustration of parts of our warehouse !  Such as special drive chain in stock.....

Spare part storage in Swifterbant.KevlarBelting for the Shrinktunnel

The infeed and discharge curtains, made of high-strength glass-fibre material, do not stick to the packs, and thus cannot damage the film.  
The glass-fibre material excels in terms of high mechanical strength and lengthy useful lifetime.

Glass-fibre shrink tunnel curtain PTFE teflon tape, zone tape