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A Top Loader from PESTER.
Equipped with a industrial robot from KUKA.  Machine stacks the products to a formation , slights it to a position where  the  robotic arm can pick it up and fills a cardboard box with a number of layers  ( depending on the size ). Then the box will closed, sealed with adhesive tape, and transported out of the machine.

PESTER TLC with a KUKA robot

Machine is OK.  Machine is formerly used to make a promotional package. The sleever shoots a sleeve over for example two bottles of shampoo and shrinks the formation in a shrinktunnel to a solid package .

So for example two for the price of one…

SLEEVER International type 600SP/P200





Other automatic Packers ....

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Ex. Pharma so well maintained. Stacks the produkt in a stacker , slight the formation to a transferpoint where a side pusher pushes a number of the layers in a pre-folded box.
The box will be closed with with adhesive tape.

Complete with a set of documentation and to see in working order at our warehouse.

PESTER UVP “side loader”

PESTER TLC toploader cartoner

All the machines have seen the workshop for a short or longer period....

Our workshop in our warehouse in SwifterbantAt the moment we are working at a Kallfass NT 700 packaging machine.System Packaging Model 9000PESTER UVP umverpacker

Solid  carton packer, makes shipping packages for example CD’s , DVD’s, books etc.    With  two rolls COLD SEAL corrugated Kraft paper the machine produced cardboard “enveloppes”

So a good solution for the eCommerce market ideal postage parcels.Machine is reconditoned and again in good working order.


Sleever International 600SP/P200